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Our Service Capabilities

Residential/Commercial Structure Fires

When simply a “good investigation” won’t do, Our team of qualified, skilled investigators will provide you with an investigation that is second to none.  We have investigated several thousands of fires in both commercial and residential situations.  There is no job too large or too small for our team. We pride ourselves on thorough, factual and precise investigations.  From the smallest fire to the most complex large loss investigation, we provide our clients with top notch service.

Marine Fires and Explosions

Fires aboard ships and marine vessels are complex losses to investigate.  Many factors create challenging circumstances for any fire investigator.  Our team of investigators are not only certified in fire and explosion investigations, but also are Certified Marine Investigators with the knowledge and skills to successfully investigate any marine loss. Our team has testified on both state and federal courts as experts in the maritime industry.

RV Fire

Vehicle/RV’s/Heavy Equipment Fires

From electric cars to commercial heavy equipment fires, SFS investigators will provide you with complete, concise and thorough investigations with proven results.  Our focus is to provide our clients with answers to their challenging questions as to “why?” and assist with all of their claim needs.

Oil and Gas

Complex fire and explosion incidents in the Oil and Gas industry are a difficult undertaking.  Our team of investigators has successfully investigated multiple O&G fires and explosions.  We have the skill, knowledge and resources to provide for a successful investigation.

Large Loss Investigation and Control

Large complex losses can be overwhelming, however, our team of experts have been proven to be able to ensure your scene is secured and every aspect of the investigation is covered.  We have successfully investigated several large, complex scenes leaving no questions unanswered.  From the smallest loss to the most complex of investigations, SFS will conduct a complete, concise and thorough investigation.

Consulting and File Review

SFS experts can evaluate and review your complex cases to ensure your investigation is meeting all of the required criteria of the scientific method. 

Boat FireFire Safety and Hazard Identification Training

SFS team of experts can provide you with fire safety and hazard identification training.  Our qualified experts have the skills and knowledge to provide fire, life safety and hazard identification to meet your maritime, commercial, or Oil and Gas needs.

Expert Witness Testimony

All SFS experts have provided expert testimony in both state and federal courts in fire, explosion and maritime cases.

Evidence Collection and Control

Evidence is the most crucial aspect of any investigation.  Without proper evidence collection and management, your cases can be jeopardized. SFS experts have a proven track record of proper evidence collection and management.  From the smallest of evidentiary items to the largest, SFS will provide you with expert evidence management and ensure that you avoid spoliation issues.

Subrogation and Liability Evaluations

SFS experts are well versed in subrogation and liability issues having worked in the insurance industry as well as having several clients who are insurance carriers and attorneys.   SFS experts understand your investigative needs and can properly assess your subrogation and liability needs.